The National, March 2023


Originally built by music mogul Albert Grossman in 1960, this enchanting venue is now open for artist rehearsals and recordings, just 2 hours from NYC.

Witness the magic of The National’s boutique concert, where they performed and recorded their entire new album ‘First Two Pages of Frankenstein’ eight weeks before its April 28, 2023 launch at the Bearsville Theater.

With two world-class sound stages offering exceptional recording capabilities and state of the art equipment, Bearsville has everything to produce the highest quality. The Bearsville Theater, known for its strong acoustics and ornate decoration, serves as a rehearsal hub for national and international musicians, often culminating in a public performance to test new materials before embarking on a tour.

Step into the high-ceilinged Utopia Sound Stage, initially built in the 1980s for Todd Rundgren’s pioneering music videos. Today, the Flymax Recording Studio, managed by renowned sound engineer Pete Caigan, operates the Sound Stage and adjacent iso rooms and control booth, making it accessible to all visiting artists.

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